About: 03 Outdoor Active

Learn about our innovative permanent yarn level Antimicrobial treatment

This collection has been made using as many sustainable & recyclable elements as possible. Thoughtfully designed and carefully curated with both style and functionality in mind. Pairing the season's latest trends with innovative techniques, the result? A core collection of environmentally-friendly wardrobe staples made to help you conquer the elements with confidence no matter how you choose to move.
The AW22 Outdoor Active collection showcases a range of earthy toned and textured styles ready for weekend hikes, weekday errands and everything in between. Equipped with our permanent Antimicrobial treatment which helps protect you and the environment.
The biocidal properties of silver compounds have been known for thousands of years, and have been increasingly used nowadays to impart antibacterial properties to textile materials. Antimicrobial properties can also enhance the performance and lifespan of textiles. In addition, our antimicrobial fabric can minimise the formation of unpleasant odours. This means that garments still have a pleasant and fresh smell after use. 

How does it work?  

Our antimicrobial additive is incorporated during the manufacturing process at the yarn level. Using our permanent Antimicrobial treatment, your Kynd pieces have the power to provide you with all-day long-lasting confidence.

Antimicrobial Features 
Provides continual protection against harmful microbes.
Inhibits the growth of unpleasant odours on your garment.
Maintains that just laundered feeling, requiring fewer washes.
Generates a longer product life by eliminating degrading Micro-organisms.
    Recycled Fabrics | Antimicrobial Protection 
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