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We first visited our factory in Guangzhou, China back in 2018. We believe great products are only as great as the people who help bring them to life. We've built strong personal relationships with the owner Mr Lee. Our factory is constantly audited to evaluate factors like fair employee wages, reasonable hours, and a healthy working environment. We want to share their story with you.

Mei Hunag

Worked at factory: 2 years

Hobbies: Running

Position: Supply Chain Manager

Mei is responsible for ensuring your garments move through production all the way to dispatch to our warehouse.

Huiqing Huang

Worked at factory: 2 years

Hobbies: Shopping

Position: Purchasing Supervisor

Huiqing is responsible for overseeing the ordering of materials, supplies, and equipment to execute certain styles and features of our garments.

Yuancui Zhang

Worked at factory: 2 years

Hobbies: Cooking

Position: Quality Inspector

Yuancui is charge of arguably one of the most important roles in production. She ensures each garment is fit for sale before leaving the factory.


Guangzhou, China

Founded in 2009 Hingto Int, now has over 100 employees. Pictured Yuancui Zhang our (Quality Inspector).

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Jumper - 02 Half Zip Jumper - Navy
Jumper - 02 Half Zip Jumper - Navy
Half Zip Jumper - Navy - Bestseller
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Leggings - 02 Ribbed Leggings - Black
Ribbed Leggings - Black - Last Stock
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Leggings - 02 Ribbed Leggings - Grey
Ribbed Leggings - Grey - Last Stock
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Leggings - 02 Ribbed Leggings - Periwinkle Blue
Ribbed Leggings - Periwinkle Blue - Bestseller

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