Active and Loungewear Reimagined.
Changing the world one step, lift and squat at a time!

We all understand the benefits of exercise and fitness to our wellbeing, but what if your workouts had the added bonus of helping to make the world a better place?An exciting new range of super stylish activewear is set to achieve exactly that, by supporting and inspiring movement in more ways than one, and re-imagining what a fitness brand can be.

With premium fabrics, high quality trims and perfect cuts, the extensive Kynd Society line of T-shirts, tanks, sports bras, shorts and leggings not only looks amazing, but also offers unparalleled levels of comfort. In fact, our clothing is so comfy you’ll almost forget you’re wearing it, so you can focus your attention solely on the activity at hand without any annoying restrictions. While these benefits check all the boxes you’d expect from your new favourite brand of workout gear, what we’ve created is much more than just an activewear range. At its heart, Kynd Society has a much bigger mission.

By making meaningful connections with customers, we’re building a community of like-minded people, committed to improving themselves and the world around them by spreading positivity. Fundamentally, this is a brand built on a foundation of ‘kyndness’. The concept was initially sparked by concerns around the lack of transparency and unethical practices within the fashion industry supply chain. We are committed to ethical sourcing, and place transparency at the heart of everything we do.

We want you to know exactly what goes into the creation of our products, where they come from, who makes them, and everything else in between. We’re working towards developing a unique QR code for inclusion with every Kynd Society item, so ultimately customers can find out everything they want to know about the origins of their products. [In progress] By visiting China and touring factories, we witnessed many worrying practices first-hand. It was crucial to select a factory partner with an ethical and fair approach to its people, processes and fabrics, while also delivering products of the highest quality.

The team’s passion for designing workout clothing to help people become their best selves, coupled with a vision for the creation of a brand that could produce real societal change, has resulted in something completely unique to the fitness world.

So, how does it all work? Step one is inspiring self care, with activewear designed to empower and enable rather than hinder, and that best supports movement and growth. Beyond this, for every purchase $1 is donated to the customer’s choice of three carefully selected causes - providing shelter to women escaping domestic violence, supporting people living with mental health conditions, and restoring the Great Barrier Reef for future generations. Kynd Society customers will therefore enjoy the added benefit of seeing their purchases make a positive impact beyond their own fitness. Learn More 

With a range to suit all body types, lifestyles and aspirations, Kynd Society products are designed to appeal to a diverse range of customers –– but despite their differences, what will unite them is a shared sense of compassion, kyndness and commitment to making a difference.We’re so excited to finally share our industry-leading range and the important messages behind it. The arrival of Kynd Society truly represents a new breed of socially-conscious fitness wear!

Join us on the Kynd Society journey as we work to make a positive impact through our products and everyone who buys them!